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Bill Fales

Lead Bill Fales was another surprise. He didn't sing in the choir, but he soloed on rare occasions for church.

He had a country edge to his voice and sang with a depth of emotion. Once in the quartet, he took the initiative to find music, purchase sound equipment and secure bookings. We discovered his uncanny ability to learn music effortlessly by ear a talent inherited from his father who has recorded as second tenor in a traditional gospel quartet.

Bill is a Sales Representative for Sunbelt Rentals; he lives with his wife and two daughters in Mechanicsville, VA. Nickname: Mr. Bill

Dick Kiger-Nelson

Baritone Dick Kiger-Nelson, was raised by a music teacher. He had no choice but to sing harmony and play whatever instrument the band was lacking that year in school.

When 4 The Lord began rehearsing, he would record their singing and make suggestions as they listened to the playback. He urged them to improve and "do it right".

He does some arranging for the group, and is known for his smooth mellow sound. Dick is a licensed general contractor and lives with his wife and daughter in Mechanicsville. Nickname: Iceman

Tom Nelson

Songwriter Tom Nelson, Dick's kid brother, joined the group in 2006.

He was a soloist for the California Boy's Choir for 5 years and traveled internationally in that capacity. He plays guitar and has a theatre background.

He writes songs for the quartet and sings as well.

Tom drives for Sunbelt Rentals, has a son and daughter and lives in Mechanicsville. Nickname: Tom

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